For the love of shoes, tea, nature, everything pretty and pink & ofcourse for the love of love.
Need :

Buckweed seed / grain ( 130 gram)
3 whole eggs (  vegan ? Sub. with advocado’s ! )
Raw cacao powder ( 30 gram)  
Soy or almond milk unsweetend ( a 1 1/2 cup)
Oatmeal unprocesed 
Maca powder ( 1 spoon) 
A sweetner for example sugar, stevia, honey, agave, ripe banana ect.
Goji berries or regular raisins

A blender or mixer
Olive oil or virgin coco oil


1. Grind up the buckweed until it looks like flour. 

2. Add the eggs and cacao powder and mix it for a minute.

3. Add everything and mix for 5 min then add some more ingredients if it doesn’t taste heavenly :) 

( I never measure a lott so some products are tossed in on intuition)

4. Bake and enjoy !
Yummy no flour brownies.

I used :

2 advocados
4 small eggs
Vanilla sugar or extract
Unprocesed cacoapowder
2 bars of dark chocolate 70% cacao melted
Coconut oil + olive oil
flax seed
Almond milk

I mixed everything in a big bowl and baked it for 20 - 30 min on 200° Celcius ( i have no idea how much i used, i’m not a measuring kind of girl)

Their super yummy !!
Au revoir Paris ♡. 
But hopefully not forever.
It will be more like a “see you soon”..

♫ Amsterdam

ARTIST:   Kris de Bruyne